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  • Difference between prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Types of prostatitis. Diagnostics and treatment of prostatitis. Diagnosis and treatment of prostate adenoma.
    21 June 2021
  • What is prostatitis in men? Symptoms of the disease and its causes. Effective treatments for prostatitis.
    9 June 2021
  • Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland. Among the serious consequences of this disease is erectile dysfunction. To recover from prostatitis, it is necessary, when the first symptoms appear, to seek medical help from a urologist-andrologist.
    1 June 2021
  • For the treatment of prostatitis in modern medicine, many effective drugs have been developed. Each drug must be taken correctly. Medicines for prostate adenoma: inexpensive and effective treatments for the disease.
    30 May 2021
  • What is prostatitis? Signs and how to treat the disease, we will consider below. Here are the effective drugs, antibiotics and drugs for prostatitis.
    25 March 2021
  • How to permanently cure prostatitis in men, symptoms of prostatitis, how to treat chronic prostatitis with drugs, antibacterial drug therapy, the action of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, alternative methods of treatment.
    10 March 2021
  • Signs of prostatitis and its consequences. Alternative methods of treating prostatitis: oral agents, douching, compresses, rectal suppositories, massages and exercises.
    16 January 2021
  • Types of medicines for prostatitis: antibiotics, anti-inflammation, alpha-blockers, antispasmodics, to improve blood circulation.
    16 January 2021
  • The need to prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis in men. Types of antimicrobial drugs in tablets and suppositories. Application features and precautions.
    14 January 2021
  • Treatment of prostatitis today occurs through many modern methods. Read more in the article.
    7 January 2021
  • Find out how to treat chronic prostatitis in men! Review of effective methods, drugs and folk remedies, expert advice.
    26 December 2020
  • Treatment of prostatitis at home: a list of methods and their essence. Doctor's advice and helpful advice on how to treat prostate inflammation at home.
    26 December 2020
  • Indications and contraindications for the use of devices, hardware techniques and principles of their therapeutic effect
    18 August 2020
  • Symptoms of prostatitis in men. How to treat prostatitis? Folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis. Physiotherapy. Medication for prostatitis. Home treatment.
    18 August 2020
  • The nuances of treating prostatitis in men: drugs and remedies for inflammation. Medicines and medicines for prostatitis in men. AntibioticsOther medicines. Surgical intervention. Enemas and microclysters. Ointments. How to supplement the use of drugs? Conclusion.
    18 August 2020
  • What is prostatitis and under what circumstances does it occur? Review of effective alternative methods of treatment.
    8 August 2020
  • Prostatitis. Types. Reasons. The symptoms of prostatitis. Diagnosis. The treatment of prostatitis. Complications. Forecast. Prevention.
    20 July 2020
  • Prostatitis. Types. Reasons. The symptoms of prostatitis. Diagnosis. The treatment of prostatitis. Complications. Forecast. Prevention.
    20 July 2020
  • Prevention of prostatitis in men allows you to save the health of the reproductive system and to preserve the potency. On the prevention rules every man must know. For prevention of prostatitis in addition to the main drug widely used folk ways.
    20 July 2020
  • The first signs of prostatitis in men is urination disorder, sexual dysfunction, and symptoms from the nervous system. There are acute and chronic forms of the disease.
    1 April 2020
  • 5 March 2020
  • 2 March 2020
  • Symptoms of acute prostatitis are the increase in body temperature and frequent urination, which is accompanied by pain and pain. If the time to recognize the first signs of prostatitis, there is the chance to quickly and permanently deal with the disease.
    2 March 2020
  • Insidious disease is a chronic prostatitis, presenting a very complex case diagnosis for doctors, as for chronic prostatitis is a violation of the composition of the juice of the prostate.
    1 January 2020
  • To choose the best cure for prostatitis without special knowledge will not work - too large the assortment on the shelves of pharmacies. Therefore, the best way is to contact the doctor who specializiruetsya in this area.
    29 December 2019
  • Men regardless of age susceptible to many diseases, one of the most serious, painful and is a painful inflammation of the prostate gland — prostatitis.
    29 December 2019
  • The first signs and symptoms of prostatitis in men, as well as the impact of prostatitis, are of concern to many men after 30 years. Unfortunately, the first symptoms of prostatitis in men, especially mild, is rarely taken seriously.
    3 December 2019
  • Prostatitis – a disease of the prostate, is a consequence of inflammatory processes, and suffer from it for the most part grown men. Treatment of prostatitis is always done individually, taking into account the physiological characteristics of each individual man.
    26 November 2019
  • What is prostatitis: causes, the first signs and treatment methods. Symptoms of acute and chronic forms of prostatitis. What happens if not treated prostatitis, and what preventive measures will help to protect yourself from disease?
    21 November 2019
  • How is the treatment of prostatitis and is it possible to cure it forever. Why is there and manifests itself as inflammation of the prostate gland.
    19 November 2019