Effective methods of prevention of prostatitis

Inflammatory lesions of the prostate tissues meet the modern representatives of the male sex often enough. Given that the vast majority of men prefer to avoid contact with a urologist, a specialist patients fall already running prostatitis, which sometimes manages to become chronic. To prevent another exacerbation or relapse of the pathology, necessary prevention of prostatitis in men at home. These measures will be useful to those representatives of the stronger sex, who have not yet encountered with prostatic inflammation.

Training in any sport prolong youth

Why is there a pathology

Prostatitis is considered chronic or acute inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate in men. Disease can develop on the background of infectious pathologies, venous maltsovyh of Croisette, or innervation immune disorders, etc. the most frequent reasons of development of inflammation of the prostate gland include States such as:

  • Long periods of sexual abstinence;
  • Unhealthy habits of type of Smoking or abuse of alcohol;
  • Frequent sexual contacts with different partners;
  • The practice interrupted the PA as a method of contraception, delayed ejaculation;
  • Hemorrhoids and frequent defecation delay;
  • Geodinamicheskogo, sedentary lifestyle;
  • Unhealthy, erratic power supply, for the reason that occur veselinovskiy and metabolic disorders;
  • Chronic urinary pathologies;
  • Genitourinary infections and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Abuse oily and spicy or salty foods;
  • Depressed immunity.

The sooner the patient will react to the appearance of symptoms of the disease, the more likely to avoid chronic and long-term treatment of prostatitis.

Treatment of prostatitis at home without the complex therapeutic approach impossible. But, in addition, the necessary additional measures to prevent the recurrence of inflammation. For prostatitis, these activities are not less important than the primary therapy.

Prevention and treatment of prostatitis should be aimed at elimination of precipitating factors, pathology. It is necessary to take into account the age peculiarities of men, the severity of inflammation, immune status, etc. to Carry out prevention of prostatitis'll be able each patient, the risk of disease is maximally reduced.

For prostatitis chronic regular preventive guidelines helps to maintain remissione condition for quite a long time, which in the future may lead to a complete cure of the disease. After treatment to prevent relapse, you can use a maintenance prevention like change of diet and lifestyle, eliminating unhealthy addictions, healthy lifestyles, etc.

In such diseases as prostatitis prevention is of two types: primary or secondary. Primary prevention is relevant in cases when previously the patient has never been prostatitis. If a man has chronic inflammation, it requires prevention from prostatitis with secondary measures.

For the primary prevention of prostatic inflammation regularly enough to do gymnastics, eliminate unhealthy cravings, remove excess weight and eat right, and make regular sex life. The result is an increase in immune status, and malacatoya profilaktirujut prostatic congestion. Physical activity and certain loads are the main points in the primary prevention of development of inflammation in the prostate.

If the patient already has chronic form of the disease, the prevention of prostatitis at home unloveable mandatory, because only by using these measures, you can avoid aggravation of such unpleasant disease and all its complications. They also use physical exercise, quitting Smoking and alcohol, but the Foundation is receiving specific drugs.

Effective ways to prevent prostatitis

Preventive program against prostatic inflammation consists of many specific activities, significantly improving the quality of life of the patient and prevents the appearance of disease in any form.

Regular sex life positively affects the male body
  • Particularly important is the prevention of disease in those persons who belong to the group of risk of development of prostatic inflammation.
  • Such patients are extremely important to undergo regular urological examination and to perform complex preventive actions.
  • The disease may occur in any healthy men, so know how to avoid prostatitis will be useful to everyone.
  • With age, almost every representative of the stronger sex runs the risk of prostatic inflammation, even if his way of life not sedentary.
  • After the age of 40 all men need to think about serious countermeasures against threats to the development of prostatic inflammation.
  • Need to go to the urologist for examination, to revise the diet and habits, more walking and performing daily exercises.

It all depends on the patient, how serious it is relates to urogenital health. It is much easier to prevent inflammation than to go through a long course of therapy to overcome it.

Active lifestyle

Preventive anti-prostatic activities must include active life of the patient. Regular moderate loads perfectly prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the gland. Why is it important to conduct hyperdynamics life. Just risk factors pathology includes men with excess pounds and sedentary work. By the way, according to statistics, after 40 years of age the most common causes of prostatic inflammation are obesity and physical inactivity.

The regular load of a moderate nature will help to strengthen your immune status. It is recommended to engage in active sports, swimming, running and skiing. Also ideal occupation would be either Nordic walking, climbing or Hiking on foot. Some postures of yoga are incredibly useful to body of men, they help strengthen the pelvic crouzille.

Incompatible with the prevention of prostatitis types of sports training are Cycling or horse riding, which can lead to traumatic injury of the perineal region. Also it is not necessary to do the heavy lifting. If there was an aggravation of chronic pathologies, then the training will have to quit until remission.

Sex life

Equally important is how to prevent prostatitis has a proper sex life. A grown man is extremely important to have regular sexual discharge, in order to avoid stagnation of prostatic secretion and croisettes in maltatoday region. One of the prerequisites is the existence only of a permanent partner, because getting in the way of various urogenital microflora contributes to the development of prostatic inflammation.

If the sex happens in a patient's life from time to time, in the glandular lobules accumulates the prostatic secretions and a variety of breakdown products that are excreted only in the natural process of ejaculation. Moreover, if the ejaculation occurs maltsovyh active contraction of the muscles, which also acts as a kind of exercise. Owing to the above factors regular sexual intimacy men are extremely necessary for maintaining urogenital health.

Not the less attention requires the issue of self-gratification.

  • If due to certain circumstances the patient does not have a permanent sexual partner, urologists recommend the practice of Masturbation.
  • A few decades ago, such self-gratification was considered something incredibly shameful, however, after a series of studies scientists have proven that to prevent stagnation of secretions in the gland and blood vessels in maltsovyh to masturbate.
  • Of course, between self-love and natural sexual contact is better to choose the second option, because during sex the muscles contract much harder, and the circulation of blood flow is markedly accelerated.

So, in terms of sex the male to prevent prostatic inflammation needs regular sexual relations with a woman. While it is completely unacceptable to use the interruption of the act as a means of protection from conception.

The important role played by the composition of the diet


No cost preventive protivodiabeticheskie events and without medical supplies, the basic principles of which is to prevent defecation delays, the exclusion of irritation to the prostate, as well as ensuring adequate nutrition and blood flow in the gland. It is necessary to observe a drinking mode, but we cannot allow the night bothered by urinary urgency.

In order not bothered by frequent constipation, it is recommended to frequently consume dairy products low in fat. Also the food should be aimed at improving the immune status, which you need to plan your diet so that it contained the optimum amount of micronutrients.

The basis of prevention diet are lean meats, abundant use of greenery and fresh vegetables. But oily fish and meat are prohibited. It is necessary to include in the menu of zinc-containing foods like pumpkin seeds (for 50 things a day). You need to drink more fresh juices. Strictly prohibited all spicy and marinated, pickled and smoked products and alcohol, because these products are considered primary prostatic irritants and can cause exacerbation of the inflammatory process.

Harmful addictions

We have already mentioned about the ban on the use of alcohol. If remission lasts quite a long time, then a small amount of alcohol, the patient is allowed. In small amounts alcohol does not harm the body, but on the contrary, alcohol contributes to the increased blood flow that positively affects the duration of sexual intercourse. But at higher doses of alcohol – the enemy of the prostate and overall health.

When alcohol abuse self-monitoring of the patient is reduced, man forget about the precautions, can be supercooled that leads to inflammation. Especially dangerous such exposure for men who already have a history of prostatitis. And irritating effect of alcohol on iron nothing good to the patient promises. Therefore, excessive use of alcohol is incompatible with prostatitis.

Are protected from infections

Preventive measures against prostate necessarily include protection from various infectious pathologies. Just in most clinical cases, pathology develops due to penetration into the gland pathogens of genitourinary infections.

  1. If the patient is urogenital infection, it is necessary to proceed immediately to the elimination of the main infectious focus, in order to prevent further spread of infection.
  2. Also trigger the infection can intestinal ailments. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the digestive tract, to prevent the development delay of defecation or diarrhea, as these disorders lead to a decrease in intestinal immunity.
  3. You also need to avoid the formation of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.
  4. Threat for prostate pathology system rochevilaine, to prevent which it is necessary to timely emptying the bladder, to avoid overflow of the bladder. Assuming long-vesical overflow, maltasong risk of infection increases dramatically.
Spousal support

Protection against infectious pathologies involves the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, because STIs greatly increase the likelihood of prostatic inflammation. Therefore, men for whom prostate health matter, you need to avoid casual sex, especially without barrier contraception.

Massage for prevention

Protivopsoriaticescoe prevention necessarily involves massage and stimulation of the prostate. Such procedures are only carried out in the absence of exacerbation. Therapeutic stimulation of the prostate contributes to the timely outflow of secretions and fluid accumulates in the gland due to inflammatory process.

Urologists usually recommend finger stimulation of the prostate, which helps eliminate venous stasis and improve blood circulation malotto. To prostate functioned fully, you need to complete a full course of massage sessions, which involves about 8-10 procedures.

In addition to exacerbation, prostate stimulation is contraindicated in the presence of neoplastic processes, concretions in the gland, hemorrhoids, renal and genitourinary acute pathologies. Before conducting the massage stimulation is necessary to verify the absence of contraindications.


To prevent prostatic inflammation men prescribers to reduce the chance of infection, normalizing hormonal balance and blood flow, prevent the development maltsovyh stagnation, restoring metabolism veselinovskiy processes.

Drugs intended for preventive reception of prostatitis quite diverse. These medicines prevent malacatoya cervesato, inflammatory processes in the prostate and help to eliminate swelling. To improve immune status may need vitamin.

The vitamins and various Supplements

For adjunctive therapy or as a prophylactic method for patients from groups at risk or who already have prostatitis, it is recommended to take the means of plant origin, prevents the development of complications.

These medicines contribute to the quality of the semen and help to improve the tone of the vesical muscle. The use of dietary Supplements helps to get rid of puffiness and maltsovyh stagnation, relieves inflammation, helps to restore sexual function and relieves urinary pain.

Preventive gymnastics

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of prostatitis. Inactivity provokes malacatoya congestion, disrupts the blood supply to all organs in this region. To prevent the development of prostatic inflammation men are encouraged to do special exercises.

  • Muscle tension. Need to train the perineal muscles as if trying to stop urination. This tension have to do 200 reps, just 4 sets per day;
  • Same exercise, just for the anal muscles have to do 5 R/d, pausing in tight anus for 10 seconds;
  • Propriety. It is necessary to perform half squats while throwing knees to the sides;
  • Walking. Need to do a walk in place, raising the knees;
  • Bike. To perform movements that mimic Cycling and supine with raised legs.

Start your workout should be with the simplest of sit-UPS daily doing one more exercise. When the body gets used, can be included in the complex walking on the priest and other complex elements.

Yoga for potency

Hardening, a sauna, and a

Patients with chronic prostatitis contraindicated overheat, so the visits to the sauna or steam bath will have to be excluded from activities. But if the remission is long and manifestations, indicating no exacerbation, then heating in dry steam urologists not prohibited.

Warm and dry air of the sauna warms the body and stimulates blood circulation, strengthens veselinovskiy processes. In this case, the bath performs the physical therapy function. But without fanaticism.

Individual attention swimming in the hole and trying ice. This practice resulted in the exacerbation of inflammatory processes, is therefore forbidden to patients at risk of prostatitis.

Regular examinations

40 patients after clinical examination by palpation of the glands examined by an urologist is held annually. Why this age? Just after 40 men begin to age the process of structural prostatic changes, there is hyperplasia.

This age is dangerous and prone to the brain, so ignore the inspections are not worth it. The sooner you identify the disease, the more successful the rest of his therapy.

How often you need to prevention

The main purpose is to prevent chronicity of the inflammatory process in prostatic tissue. Because urological examination should be held annually. If you've had acute prostatitis, after its recovery in the first 12 months must be screened every 3 months. After that for 3 years to visit the urologist recommended every six months. If a suspicious signs are not found you can pass inspection once a year.