Therapy of prostatitis at home

Question: "How to treat prostatitis at home? "relevant for many men. Prostatitis is a fairly common disease that is difficult to avoid. The problem of treating prostatitis is especially urgent for men of mature age, for whom home conditions are a permanent habitat. It is relevant because a mature age for a man is not only a time for summing up, but also for age-related diseases. From that, methods of treating prostatitis at home are topical. In this article, we will tell you in detail how you can cure prostatitis at home.

About prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the prostate gland (prostate) - the secretory male reproductive organ. The anamnesis of the disease suggests an acute and chronic course. Under acute prostatitis, doctors understand the disease first detected in a patient, under chronic - a relapse of the disease. The concept of "acute prostatitis" should not be confused with "exacerbation of prostatitis", which means acute symptoms in the chronic course of the disease. There are three forms of the disease:

  • congestive. This form of the disease is the most common. The congestive form of the disease occurs due to problems with blood circulation in the pelvic area. Stagnant blood is the source of pathological changes in the tissues of the prostate. The reason for the appearance is hypodynamia, excess weight, unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged sitting in one place. How to get rid of congestive prostatitis at home, we will tell further.
  • Infectious. The prostate can be affected by an infection - viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal. How to cure prostatitis caused by pathogens? This form of the disease can be treated at home. Patients with chronic prostatitis are subject to medical examination only during an exacerbation of the disease, or if the infection carries a risk of spread. The infectious form of the disease can recur - a case when an already cured disease can reappear. Recurrent infections are especially dangerous because they are resistant to drugs - medicines cease to act on them. The presence of resistant forms of infection greatly complicates the treatment process.
  • Atypical. When the diseased prostate gland is not inflamed, there are no obvious symptoms of the course of the disease, this form of the disease is called "atypical" (atypical, atopic, asymptomatic). Atypical prostatitis refers to the development of neoplasms in the tissues of the prostate - benign and malignant. An atypical disease of the prostate can be cured, but it is difficult to deal with prostatitis caused by oncological phenomena.

How effective can home treatment for a disease such as prostatitis be? Treatment of prostatitis at home is real, but with certain reservations: a) the treatment process should be supervised by a specialist; b) all recommendations of the attending physician must be strictly followed; c) the disease must be taken seriously, not ignored.

model of the male genitourinary system and treatment of prostatitis

About the prostate gland and symptoms of inflammation of this organ

To understand the characteristics of the symptoms of the disease, you need to know what the prostate is and what its functional purpose is - this will help to properly organize a quick and effective treatment of prostatitis at home. The prostate performs a number of biological functions. Let's name the most important of them:

  • Making a secret. Sperm, in the form in which it is produced by the testicles, is a very thick substrate; without prostate secretion, it is very difficult for it to pass through the ureter. The secret of the prostate dilutes the sperm, turns it into a liquid ejaculate, making the process of ejaculation possible. The secret has an additional duty - the activation of spermatozoa. In semen undiluted with secretion, spermatozoa are in a "sleepy" state, a kind of suspended animation - this is necessary to prolong the life cycle of germ cells. The secret of the prostate is a "tonic" that stops the sleep of spermatozoa. It also contains nutrients that help germ cells survive a period of hyperactivity. The secret enters the ureter through ducts that communicate with the urethra. Violation of the function of secretion production by the prostate leads to numerous sexual pathologies - inflammation of the testicles, male infertility, mental imbalance.
  • Synthesis of dihydrotestosterone. In the prostate parenchyma, testosterone, the male sex hormone, is able to transform into its active form, dihydrotestosterone. By itself, testosterone is an inactive substance used by the body to synthesize fats. In its active form, testosterone affects many biochemical processes in the body. For example, he is responsible for the mental accompaniment of sexual desire - the emotions and physiological phenomena that arise in a man at the sight of a sexual object will be the result of the influence of dihydrotestosterone on the body. If at the sight of a beautiful girl it aches in the chest, makes noise in the ears, thoughts are confused - this is all dihydrotestosterone. Another active form of testosterone is responsible for the biological mechanism of erection - an increase in penis volume. During prostatitis, the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone is disrupted, which causes impotence.
  • Urination. The prostate plays an important role in providing the mechanism of urination. To understand the features of this role, you need to clearly understand the location of the body. The gland is located under the bladder, hugging the ureter at the mouth. If you hug the little finger of one hand with the little finger of the other at its base, it will turn out very similar: the bent little finger will be the prostate, the straight one will be the ureter, and the palm will be the bladder. The gland is located behind the ureter towards the back. The muscular capsule of the organ allows you to compress the ureter at the base, thus regulating the process of urination. Inflammation of the prostate gland increases the volume of the organ, which negatively affects the patency of the urethra. Hence the main symptom of prostatitis - problems with urination.

About the dangerous consequences of prostatitis

The seriousness of the disease and the subject of this article - effective treatment of prostatitis at home - requires attention to the consequences of untimely, careless treatment.

A frivolous attitude to the treatment of the prostate at home is a common occurrence. This is due to the mental characteristics of the category of patients who most often suffer from prostatitis - men over 50 who prefer a home lifestyle. Chronic congestive prostatitis does not cause significant inconvenience. Infrequent sporadic pain in the buttocks is not enough reason to force a man to start treatment. First aid for prostatitis is a serious attitude to the disease.

back pain with prostatitis

The development of the inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate is fraught not only with future exacerbation, but also with the occurrence of oncological phenomena. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers of the 21st century. The prostate should be treated in a timely manner, the prostate should be healthy.

Attention! Benign tumors of the prostate tissue are called "adenoma", and malignant - "carcinoma".

Proven remedies for treating prostatitis at home

Prostate therapy at home relies on long-standing, proven treatments. These include the organization of proper nutrition with the use of healthy products, the most mobile lifestyle. With the simple listed means, you can achieve a positive effect.

Organization of a healthy diet

Treatment of any form of prostatitis at home involves a certain diet, a diet that must be followed. The diet during the course of the disease is regulated by prescriptions that are not directly related to the choice of products, but mean a lot for the treatment of this disease:

  • Method of cooking. Food must be boiled, steamed, stewed. Smoked, salted, fried foods are harmful to the body - they contain toxins and carcinogens that adversely affect the health of the prostate.
  • Hygiene. Washing hands before eating, rinsing food before the cooking process is very important, especially if the patient suffers from an infectious form of the disease.
  • Eating mode. You need to eat at a strictly designated time - if you accustom the body to a certain diet, this can lead to a general improvement of the body. An important condition: there should be 4 meals (minimum - 3, maximum - 6); the interval between meals is within 3-4 hours; the last meal no later than 6-7 pm.
vegetable salad for prostatitis

With the help of a diet, many diseases are treated, not only prostatitis. Well-organized nutrition plus feasible physical activity helps with prostate therapy at home better than taking medication. Unloaded from toxins and carcinogens, the body fights the disease better, the recovery process is accelerated.

Unhealthy foods to avoid from your diet

There are certain foods that lead to a significant deterioration in prostate health:

  • Alcohol. All alcoholic drinks harm the prostate! The leader among them is beer. The idea that beer is good for health is partly true when it comes to a natural product that is rarely consumed, and completely false when it comes to a synthetic, reconstituted product. Reviews of experts about the possible benefits of synthetic beer are unequivocal - it is harmful to the body of a man.
  • Harmful food additives. Synthetic preservatives with the index "E" -E250, E240 - the most dangerous. You can find out about the presence of a preservative in food from the information on the product packaging.
  • Sugar and salt. Sugar and sweets are generally recommended to be removed from the diet. Instead, you can use sweet fruits, natural honey and other fructose-based diet foods. Salt intake should be kept to a minimum. Soups can be salted, but pickles, sausages, smoked and dried fish should not be eaten.
  • Legumes. Not all legumes are equally harmful during prostatitis - chickpeas, peas, beans should not be excluded from the diet. They help to improve intestinal motility, provide protein for the synthesis of albumin in the body. However, such legumes as soybeans and beans, containing a large amount of phytoestrogens, can be dangerous for a man's health - reduce his potency, cause obesity. The consumption of legumes is strictly individual.
junk food for prostatitis

Useful foods in the diet of a patient with prostatitis

The list of healthy and healthy foods for prostatitis is quite extensive, and therefore we will focus only on those products whose benefits are most significant during the course of the disease:

  • Dairy. Milk and products derived from it contain calcium, which helps the body fight stagnant processes - remove toxins from cells, improve tissue regeneration, and reduce inflammation. Milk contains a highly digestible protein necessary for the synthesis of albumins.
  • Sea fish. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9, which help to get rid of excess weight, improve the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone.
  • Table greens - parsley, garlic, onion, celery, dill. Since ancient times, people have been treating men's diseases with these means. Greens contain a lot of flavonoids - biologically active substances that prevent the development of inflammation and oncological phenomena. From the presented list of table greens, we will especially highlight parsley and garlic. Parsley is a well-known cure for prostatitis, a decoction of this plant relieves most of the symptoms of the disease - pain, inflammation, difficulty urinating, impotence. Treatment of prostatitis with garlic at home is a long-standing example of folk therapy. Garlic contains a record amount of zinc - a microelement that promotes the formation of dihydrotestosterone, that is, garlic treats impotence, relieves inflammation well.

Active lifestyle

How can prostatitis be treated at home without the usual means of traditional and academic medicine - infusions, decoctions, medications? There is only one answer – an active lifestyle! Physical labor, daily mobility, gymnastics will be the means that will perfectly help from the disease. Physical activity will be the best therapy for congestive prostatitis. Earlier we already wrote that prolonged sitting in one place contributes to the development and aggravation of this form of the disease, and a mobile lifestyle will eliminate the negative effects of physical inactivity. Sports activities will improve blood circulation and physical fitness, allow you to lose weight.

jogging with prostatitis

On the Internet you can find qualified reviews of people who, by the power of only one active lifestyle, were able to cure prostatitis.

Attention! To implement the recommendations associated with the activation of lifestyle, you need to proceed carefully. You should not do gymnastics or engage in hard physical labor if there are contraindications to these activities.

Features of home drug therapy for prostatitis

Drug treatment of prostatitis is a responsible event, you should not carry it out yourself. Treatment of prostatitis by means of pharmacology at home is possible only on the recommendation of the attending physician. However, it is important to be informed about the medical treatment of prostatitis. Such knowledge can be helpful.

  • Pain symptom. Inflammation of the prostate during an exacerbation is very painful, so you need to know how to relieve an attack of prostatitis. For this, antispasmodic drugs are suitable. Such medicines have a rapid effect, unlike analgesics. Pain can also be relieved by taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • Ease of urination. Problems with urination are treated with diuretics.
  • The fight against the inflammatory process. NSAIDs are designed to fight inflammation, but they must be taken with caution. Calcium preparations will provide good support to the body. You need to drink plenty of water - the norm for men weighing 75-90 kg is 1. 5-2 liters per day. It is necessary to drink clean water - tea, compote, jelly, juices, carbonated drinks are not included in this amount. If the inflammation is caused by an infection, you need to take the appropriate drug.
  • Improving immunity. A well-functioning immune system is the norm for the body. To improve the work of protective systems, it is important to periodically take vitamins (C, A, E, group B) and multivitamins.

You need to understand that a truly effective result will be possible only when you combine all the available methods of treating prostatitis at home - diet, gymnastics, taking medications. Comprehensive treatment will significantly increase a man's chances of recovery.